Friday, October 16, 2009

Starting a Game

Okay, I am starting a second edition (AD&D) campaign, And I thought here would be a great place to post it. The actual game hasn't started yet, but the players have made there characters and know of the world. So, I guess this is a prologue for the campaign.
Some info:

The World:
The world is pretty much the standard AD&D world, with a few minuscule, unimportant, changes. The thing that makes the world different, is the mythology.

The Mythology:
(as told by the great books ... and I'm trying to make it sound like a religious book, so don't say I'm using wierd grammer) The tale of creation
In the beginning, there was Uné, or "the one" he was alone in a desolate place. This displeased him, so he created what he calls "the earth" there was no land, simply fast amounts of water. For many years, he was content. He enjoyed simply swimming around in his great creation, untill boredome struck. Now, Uné hated to be bored, so he decided to make waves. And so he did. He created giant waves, waves taller then the tallest mountain. And from these waves, a woman appeared. This startled Uné, for he had not created her. The woman told Uné that her name was DuOs, and together they decided to wed.

Then, through the years, DuOs grew bored, so she created land. She made forest spring up, deserts spread, and ecetera. But this was lonely, so she filled it with things she called "Elves" these creatures were her view of perfection and she picked three special ones to be her "children" these wer two males, and a female. The two males, Indeles and Varden, were strong warriors, while the female, Meire, was a peace loving druid.

These children became powerful and grew many followers, but Uné would not allow them to gain more then him for he was a jealous man, and Indeles and Varden decided that they would gain more power if they got rid of him. So they snuck upon him while he was sleeping, and tried to smother him. But he awoke, and caught them. He scolded the boys and decided to punish them. His punishment was to exile them. He marked them both in different ways, He took Indeles, and marked his skin black and called him "Drow" he then removed the point from Varden's ears and called him "Human"

. . . . .

This legend continues, but thats all I'll post tonight,

The Characters:
Salazar Montoya:
Half-elf Fighter/Mage/Thief
Jaxter: Elf Cleric of DuOs
Legalos Maxslap: Elf Fighter

Thats all I have for tonight, I'll have a session tommorow so . . . here's hoping for the best!

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